Purpose and Aims

'To lead an innovative partnership to establish and deliver the vision of the Sheffield Moors as the UK’s leading model on how the uplands should be managed into the future for people and wildlife’.

Purpose and Aims

It’s main aims are to:

  • To establish a clear vision and strategic direction, steering delivery across the sites through integrated and holistic planning and thinking
  • To develop a strategic landscape scale masterplan for the SMP area, through a robust process of stakeholder and community engagement and consultation


The vision for the masterplan will look forward to 2025 and cover four main themes:

  • Access and recreation
    Covering issues like access networks, gateways into the area, and visitor facilities
  • Being involved
    Covering issues like education, interpretation, volunteering, training, events and visitor experience
  • Sustainable land management
    Covering issues like nature conservation, archaeology, farming and woodland management
    and wider ‘ecosystem services’ such as climate change mitigation, clean water, etc.
  • Recognising the wider value of the moors
    Covering issues like the local economy and tourism

It is important to note that the partnership does not get involved in the day to day management of each individual site; relying instead on existing partner arrangements and management plans to continue to carry out project activity at site level, in consultation with the communities and other stakeholders with an interest in these sites.