Consultation Approach

Consultation Approach

Stage 1 – Awareness raising about the Sheffield Moors Partnership including its inception and the partnership purpose and aims (Timescale: Oct-Dec 2011)

  • Deliver initially to key user groups and community forum and develop a stakeholder database for use in Stage 2
  • Inform those being approached about the proposal for developing a masterplan and gather their views of how they would like to be involved and consulted.

Stage 2 – Develop a draft masterplan with stakeholder input (Timescale: Jan-September 2012)

  • Engage with stakeholders to ascertain their views and aspirations for the SMP area through 3-4 workshops in Sheffield and the North Derbyshire area
  • Compile and analyse the information gathered, and provide a feedback session on the stakeholder input collated to check the key information and aspirations have been properly gathered
  • Take the outcomes of the above forward to inform the production of an initial draft masterplan
  • Produce the draft masterplan proposal and associated maps for wider community consultation.  

Stage 3 – Consultation on the draft Masterplan (Timescale: late Sept-Nov 2012)

  • Take the draft masterplan out and use a variety of consultation techniques to capture views and comments
  • Subsequently, refine and finalise the masterplan.

Stage 4 – Final Masterplan Production and Adoption (Timescale: Jan-Aug 2013)

  • Produce the final Masterplan
  • Adoption of masterplan by organisations at board and committee level
  • Launch of the final masterplan.